DeltaCast: No Turning Back

Mexican exports are both growing and changing according to the latest trade forecast by Delta Economics. In terms of growing trade: sales to Asian nations in particular are looking exceptionally strong. In November alone, trade with China will expand by +19.7%, month-on-month. There are also remarkable improvements in trade with India +19.9%, Japan +11.8%, South Korea +20.6%, Singapore+17.6% and Hong Kong +16.1%, month on month.

Delta Economics has previously highlighted the changing nature of Mexican trade in the context of “on-shoring”. We see this trend expanding through technology sectors – in particular, imports of “parts” which go into road vehicles and major appliances – which have been steadily improving. Such inflows suggest that Mexico is a hub for manufacturing companies’ eager to move out of Asia to be closer to their North American client base. As a result, the most recent forecast figures suggests that exports in computers will grow by +9.8%, TV and radio transmitters +12.4 and transport vehicles for goods by +10.4% on the previous year. For more information, visit Delta Economics.


Hasta la próxima!


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