DeltaCast: NAFTA-thought

Mexico’s trade with its NAFTA partners is poised to grow according to the latest forecast by Delta Economics. The USA and Canada combined buy up around 80% of all outbound goods from Mexico and September-October trade with these partners grew by 11.6% (US) and 11.9% (Canada) month-on-month. Whilst trade is expected to slow down in October-November, the year-on-year picture is far more promising: exports to Canada will improve by 14.6% in November and by 8.2% with the US, which is an improvement on 2013.

In particular, the Mexican technology sectors will see impressive gains in November: exports in mechanical appliances and Computers will improve by 17.1% with Canada and by 13.5% with the USA; while sales in electrical machinery will grow year-on-year by 10.3% with Canada and by 4% with the US. Exports of road vehicles to Canada will grow by 21.7% and with the USA by 11%, year-on-year.

Exports continue to drive the Mexican economy but a large part of this may be due to an upswing in the US economy rather than due to improvements in the domestic variables.


For more information, visit Delta Economics.


Hasta la próxima!


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