Weekly Summary

Independence Day celebrations took off in Mexico this week, and After Hours took care to recount and illustrate the ringing of the inspirational bell. Meanwhile, business seemed to enjoy the holiday and kicked back, so news flow stayed slow. Telecoms and energy topped the activity list, with Virgin Mobile expanding its distribution network to Ciudad Juarez, while South Korea’s Samsung got a US $80 million engineering contract to modernize PEMEX’ Salamanca refinery. Anima Estudios was reported to be producing a second Top Cat movie, hoping to match the first one’s rush to the top of the revenue league, and DB Metals agreed a business development joint venture for its innovative non-ferrous metals recycling technology with Nano Labs of the US. Univar of the US appointed Marco Antonio Quirino President of its Latin American operations.

Our colleagues from Delta Economics pointed out that Mexican exports are booming – unlike pretty much any other emerging market’s.

Hot Tamales! explored the ingredients for Chamoy Sauce with Rick Bayliss’ tuna ceviche.

Hasta la próxima!


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