Hot Tamales!

It wasn’t that long ago that outside Mexico mole and chipotle were strange foreign words. Who knew they were edible? Now there’s Chamoy, the next mystery salsa on everyone’s lips. If chipotle – made from smoked jalapeño peppers – was the spicy, hot Latin you had a fling with in Acapulco, then Chamoy is the sweet, sometimes sour, lover you had to invite home. Chamoy sauce is made from fruit pulp, usually apricot, mixed with lime, spices, and chiles. It is usually in the form of a paste, less often as a liquid. A big favourite in Mexico and, increasingly, north of the border are apples covered with Chamoy. But don’t stop there. Chamoy tastes great with chips, or corn and, even better, Rick Bayliss’s version paired with a tuna ceviche. Bayliss, in case you don’t follow the foodies, is an American chef who specializes in traditional Mexican cuisine. Here’s his recipe to try at home.

Hasta la próxima!



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