DeltaCast: Mexican Bounce

Delta Economics is forecasting Mexican exports to bounce back in October following a subdued September, which is good news all round. There will be a slight dip in August–September exports but this will only be temporary; we forecast a strong pick up in October when there will be an 11% rise on the previous month. This is of course better news compared to other emerging markets such as China, where exports are forecast to fall by 6.3% in October.

Delta Economics forecasts that export growth for September will improve by 6.8% on the previous year. In particular, Mexican exports of Mechanical Appliances, which include computers, will see a rise of 10.3%. Sales in Automotive Vehicles will also see a rise of 9.9% year-on-year; while Electrical Machinery is forecast to grow at a more modest rate of 2.8% on the previous year. Overall, the Mexican economy is showing healthy signs of growth and this is particularly so in the more technology-orientated sectors, which should help boost job creation in these sectors in the future.

2014-09-19_laPinata_week005_v01For more information, visit Delta Economics.

Hasta la próxima!


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