Company News

Virgin Mobile Mexico expands distribution operations to Ciudad Juarez after launch in Chihuaha; launches Mexican MNVO service in June this year using Telefónica network.

Mexico’s PEMEX reportedly says it’s investing US $282 million to expand SCADA automated system to detect theft of crude and fuel from its over 35,000-kilometre pipeline network.

Samsung Engineering of South Korea says it received US $80 million contract from PEMEX for design of secondary processing units to be installed at PEMEX Salamanca refinery unit.

Mexican animator Anima Estudios said producing second Top Cat movie, Top Cat Begins for summer 2015 release. Previous Top Cat film was largest grossing Mexican 2011 film.

Ganeden Biotech of the US says its GanedenBC30 probiotic product has been approved by Mexican authorities for sale in Mexico as an ingredient for food and beverage enrichment.

Nano Labs of the US agrees joint venture with Mexico’s DB Metals for business development to scale up DB Metals’ novel non-ferrous metals recycling technology.

Hasta la próxima!


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