After Hours

It’s Fashion Week in New York and for most of us mere mortals it’s like peeking into the Twilight Zone. This year, designers seem particularly bent on outfitting aliens or as the New York Times more graciously put it “Even collections nominally inspired by real places had an other-worldly feel.” For Mexican American designer César Galindo, “other-worldly” was exactly what he was aiming for in his spring line. Inspired by sci-fi, including the small-screen classic The Jetsons, Gallindo’s new women’s wear collection evokes both urban chic and space travel. “I’m fascinated by technology – both by what it looks like and what it does,” the 47-year-old designer said in a backstage interview with NBC Latino. “There’s a lot layering, because I think technology enables us to live in a layered world. It adds layers to us and it also allows us to layer on top of each other. So you see that in the design element too. Layers are a prominent part in this collection, as is a constant juxtaposition in silhouettes.”

Galindo, a self-taught designer and the youngest of eleven children, began his career in fashion designing corsets and period costumes for The Miami City Ballet. He moved to New York in the mid 1980’s, working for labels including Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein developing while his own line. Galindo stepped into the limelight when his washed silk kimono dress made the cover of Elle magazine in July 1993, on supermodel Karen Mulder. In 2011, the designer founded his new label CZAR. Get a taste of Galindo’s designs here:

Hasta la próxima!



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