Weekly Summary

The auto industry hit the headlines again this week: South Korea’s Kia announced that it intends to invest a billion US dollars in a 300,000 vehicle-per-year plant in Nuevo León, while GM indicated that it would rationalise production of some models, shifting output back and forth between Mexico and the US. First-round fallout from the telecoms reform rumbled on as Maz Tiempo announced its entry into the MVNO market and the regulator IFT told Grupo Televisa that it didn’t think much of Televisa’s infrastructure-sharing plan and to go back to the drawing board. Two paper companies, Bio Pappel and Scribe, will merge, and First Cash Financial Services of the US acquired a string of Mexican pawn stores. Delta Economics predicted that Mexican exports to emerging markets will pick up in September, possibly signalling a recover from emerging markets’ recent “taper panic”.

After Hours marvelled at singer Thalia’s popularity and wondered whether to believe her account of her ribs. Hot Tamales went in search of a meal and found the Biko’s innovative blend of Basque and Mexican taste still ranks among the world’s best.

Hasta la próxima!



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