Hot Tamales!

It’s high summer and the peppers are popping. For those lucky enough to have a garden patch with full sun, Mexican jalepeños bring an exotic flavour to the mix. Ranging in taste from mild to a raging inferno in your mouth, jalepeño chilies get hotter the older they get. The problem with buying them from your local supermarket is that you’re never sure where on that range they’ll fall. Savvy shoppers buy more than they need for testing purposes.

The bigger chilies are best used for stuffing (chiles Rellenos), a delicious seasonal treat. The smaller ones are often more flavourful and hold the heat in dishes such as Mexican-style gazpacho. Gardeners know that an overabundance can be saved simply by freezing the peppers – toss them into a ziplock bag: no chopping, no blanching, no fuss. Try Mexican food guru Rick Bayless’s chiles Rellenos and enjoy a great summer delight. Click here for the recipe.

Hasta la próxima!



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