Hot Tamales!

Preparate! Next week – July 24 to be precise – is National Tequila Day! To rev up for the big day we suggest you begin by listening to a US National Public Radio broadcast: Tequila Nation: Mexico Reckons With Its Complicated Spirit. As NPR points out, an authentic bottle of tequila must be made from the Weber Blue species of agave, grown and distilled in Mexico’s western state of Jalisco. It takes five to eight years for the deep blue agave – fields and fields of which cover the region – to mature enough to be used in a bottle with the official Tequila appellation. Reposados are aged in wooden barrels between two and 12 months, Anejos between one and three years and Extra Anejos for over three years. The process is complicated and challenging, leaving Tequila makers to ponder their future.

Listen to the NPR piece for more. Better yet, invite a few friends over and share a bottle (Tequila San Matais would be the perfect choice!). We’ve also provided some celebrity inspiration.

Hasta la próxima!


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