Company News

Renault-Nissan and Daimler expand cooperation with new premium compact vehicle plant at Aguascalientes, Mexico to make 300,000 vehicles per year with about 5,700 new workers.

BMW reportedly plans to invest about US $1 billion in new Mexican factory at San Luis Potosí to produce about 150,000 cars per year. Plant expected to employ 1,500 people.

Mexican telecoms regulator IFT reportedly finds Carlos Slim’s fixed-line phone firm Telmex and pay-TV provider Dish Mexico have undisclosed links that may breach anti-trust rules.

German auto parts maker Bosch reportedly plans to invest about US $546 million in Mexico over next few years in research and development and output capacity, adding 3,000 jobs.

Auto parts maker DENSO of Japan says it will expand its transmission components plant in Mexico’s Nuevo Leon at cost of US $53.8 million and build new Nuevo León solenoids plant.

Canadian research institute CRIQ and Mexico’s water technology institute IMTA agree to implement advanced biofiltration wastewater treatment technology at two Jalisco locations.

Hasta la próxima!



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