Weekly Summary

Energy reform in Mexico is attracting many fans. The latest was Spain’s largest utility, Iberdrola, who agreed to spend up to US $5 billion on power generation, transmission, and gas storage. Iberdrola clearly thinks Mexico’s new regulatory framework beats the Spanish version! Telecoms reform threw up a hiccup, as the intellectual property regulator ruled that Apple’s Mexican IPhone sellers were banned from actually mentioning the name of their product. But smartphones were still flavour of the week, as Sr. Pago launched a new card reading and reloadable debit card for “unbanked” clients. The week saw the normal volume of distribution agreements between Mexican firms and high-tech NAFTA counterparties, but Anglo-Chinese derivatives broker IKON-Multibank Group’s opening an office in Nuevo Laredo surprised us. Why not in the Distrito Federal?

After Hours followed a Mexican jockey inspired by his brother who almost took the Triple Crown, and in keeping with the event of the summer, Hot Tamales found a place for Mexican World Cup fans to try a taste of home amongst the Brazilians.

Hasta la próxima!

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