Company News

  • Spain’s Iberdrola and Mexico’s CFE sign agreement for Iberdrola to invest up to US$ 5 billion in Mexican energy infrastructure, including power generation, transmission, and gas storage.
  • Apple of the US acquitted by IMPI  in Mexican ‘iFone’ trademark lawsuit, but local telecoms companies selling IPhones to be fined and restricted from using IPhone name  when advertising their telecoms services.
  • Mexican mobile point of sale service Sr. Pago launches payment card system combining smartphone chip credit card reader and reloadable debit card for the ‘unbanked’ sector.
  • US commercial and industrial lighting products producer AGT agrees to appoint Mexico’s Sotapsa as distributor of AGT products in Mexico, with emphasis on the hospital sector.
  • Raptor Trading Systems of the US, supplier of multi-asset connectivity management and trading solutions, says Mexico’s GBM Casa de Bolsa acquires Raptor platform and services.
  • Sony Network Entertainment International says its Video Unlimited streaming and digital download video service is now live in Mexico, allowing rental or purchase of classic movies.
  • Anglo-Chinese financial products derivatives company IKON-Multibank Group said to open office in Mexican Nuevo Laredo offering over-the-counter derivatives and currency trade.
  • Japan’s Yaskawa Motoman robotics manufacturer announces opening of new training and demonstration facility in Mexico’s Querétaro, Yasakawa’s third office in the country.
Hasta la próxima!

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