After Hours

  • The abdication of Spain’s King Juan Carlos provoked a wave of international press commentary this week. In Mexico, whose ties to Spain go back centuries, the news was splashed across front pages and dissected by editorial writers in every major paper. By most accounts, King Juan Carlos had reached the conclusion that he could no longer rescue the monarchy from its plummeting popularity, brought on by a series of royal scandals. “Spain is involved in a national crisis that’s affected all of its major institutions, and the Crown has been no exception,” wrote Excelsior’s José David Pérez. “The question,” concluded Enrique Berruga Filloy at El Mundo, “is not whether or not Felipe will be a good king, but rather if the institution of the monarchy continues to make sense in modern Spain.”
  • Tito Torbellino’s fans got a chance to say goodbye at a public memorial service held in the star’s hometown of Phoenix, Arizona this week. Thousands turned out for the banda singer whose real name was Tomas Tovar Rascón. The musician was shot to death last Thursday  in a restaurant in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Obregon, Sonora. According to police reports, two gunmen entered the restaurant and shot Rascón several times at close range. He died on the way to the hospital. Six days earlier, on his 27th birthday, Rascon posted a message on Facebook:  “I didn’t think I would get to this age. I promise to be calmer and less careless. Ha ha ha.”
Hasta la próxima!

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