Hot Tamales!

This was a big week for gourmets, gourmands and lovers of Mexican cuisine who gathered 20-22 May to celebrate the third annual Mesamérica food symposium. Organized by the Mexican Cooking Collective and Enrique Olvera, the superstar chef and owner of Pujol in Mexico City (#2 on Restaurant Magazine’s list of top 50 Latin American restaurants), the conference shines its spotlight on Mexico as one of the world’s richest gastronomic destinations. It brings a galaxy of foodie stars to Mexico City to teach and inspire the next generation of culinary greats. This year’s guests included the media darling Mario Batali,   Los Angeles chef Jon Shook and the activist, author and chef Alice Waters. There were a slew of big-name Mexican chefs as well, including Edgar Núñez, Josefina Santaruz and Jorge Vallejo. Among the many highlights, Núñez, along with fellow chefs Maricarmen Linares and Bernardo Bukantz, told conference-goers how food trucks are changing the future of food in Mexico. This group of young chefs has formed a cooperative around 40 food truck owners working to create a highly organised, self-regulated movement in Mexico City.

Check out the interview with Chef Olvera talking about the Mesamérica conference and his comments on the Mexican food scene.

Hasta la próxima!

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