Company News

  • BMW said to announce in July whether first plant in Mexico to be in Hidalgo or San Luis Potosí.

  • Macquarie Mexican Infrastructure Trust I and independent Digital Bridge announce joint venture to own and manage a portfolio of wireless telecommunications towers in Mexico.

  • América Móvil becomes fifth major operator to release Firefox OS smartphones via its Telcel unit, using Alcatel devices; Mexico is first country to receive América Móvil Firefox phones.

  • C&C Technologies of the US, a survey and mapping provider for the oil and gas industry, buys iXBlue fourth-generation GAPS USBL acoustic positioning system for Mexico division.

  • Israel’s Magal Security Systems gets US $4.5 million order to supply security solution for Mexico power distribution centre, integrated by Magal’s Fortis security management system.

  • Radio network technology firm xG Technology of the US says it has been awarded important telephony patent in Mexico which improves SIP enabled telephony network performance.

  • Scientists at Mexico’s CINVESTAV combine computational geometry, artificial intelligence, and other technology in device to aid people with low vision or blindness to navigate better.

Hasta la próxima!

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