After Hours

  • Mexican Jaime Camil, best known for his work in telenovelas, has landed a leading role in US television sitcom Jane the Virgin airing on the CW network this autumn. The part seems to be made to order for Camil, who plays the role of Rubio, an international telenovela actor with a surprising connection to Jane (sorry, you’ll have to wait – no spoiler alerts at After Hours). But we will tell you that Camil will be front and centre as he co-stars with Puerto Rican actress Gina Rodriguez. The sitcom, based on the successful Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen, tells the story of Jane (Rodriguez), a hardworking religious girl who due to a series of outrageous events, is accidentally artificially inseminated. Sounds a bit wonky, but we got a good laugh from the preview where Jane is given the improbable news.

  • No sex please, we’re Mexican! Miguel Herrera, Mexico’s national football team manager, has ‘laid’ down the law: No sex at this summer’s World Cup for his players. “If a player cannot endure a month or 20 days without having intercourse, then you are not prepared to be a professional,” Herrera told the Mexican newspaper Reforma. Herrera isn’t the first World Cup coach to tell his players what goes and what doesn’t in the bedroom. Last month, Brazil’s manager OKed “normal sex” but nixed what he called acrobatic sex. Oh these Brazilian boys – never a dull moment! For those wondering, yes, Brazil and Mexico play each other in Group A on June 17. Be forewarned, it might get a little scary on the pitch, given all that pent up testosterone.

Hasta la próxima!

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