Hot Tamales!

Last weekend, we entertained old friend who live and work in one of the darker regions of Eastern Europe. Figuring one food they were unlikely to come across out there was red-hot Tex-Mex chilli, cowboy style, we scoured our cookbooks for the real deal. Call it blasphemy, but the winning recipe among a hefty list of contenders was from Jaime Oliver’s Jaime’s America. Sorry amigos and amigas, but the brash Briton cooks up a mean chilli – fiery, rich and infused with spices. The recipe calls for both fresh and dried chillies, and scorns ground round, relying instead on chunks of beef that shred into tasty morsels as the dish cooks down. And the liquid base? Like old Cookie in Gunsmoke he uses coffee, giving the whole concoction a delicious smoky flavour. Serve it up with rice or cornbread right out of the oven. Don’t forget the beer (Sol, naturally!). Buén provecho!

Hasta la próxima!

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