After Hours

  • Last week, we oohed and aahed about the world’s most beautiful woman. To avoid jibes about sexism, this week we single out two gorgeous guys that made People en Espanol’s list of 30 of the world’s hottest football players. Rafa Márquez and Raúl Jiménez, 35 and 23 respectively, play for Mexico’s national team. Here’s the full list, sports (and toyboy) fans, click through to our website.

  • Mexican-American actor Edward James Olmos, interviewed by Telemundo’s Suelta La Sopa, let fly at some fellow Latino actors, including Jennifer Lopez. A powerful voice in the Latino community and long-time promoter of Hispanic culture, Olmos condemned Lopez and others for a lack of commitment to their ethic roots. “She has done a lot of things, but she has not dedicated herself to her culture, and that’s the most important thing to me,” said Olmos, who acted with Lopez in the 1997 film Selena. Jenny from the Hood take note, them’s fightin’ words.

  • Missed the Carlos Santana concert in Mexico City last December? No problem: the 10-time Grammy award-winning guitarist released a new album earlier this month, entitled Corazón. The album is a fusion of rock, Latin music, hip-hop, salsa, reggae and bachata, featuring guest artists Ziggy Marley, Gloria Estefan and Miguel and Pitbull. You can also see the concert on HBO GO and HBO on Demand. Just head to documentaries and get ready to rock out. Meantime, click through to our website to check out the interview on YouTube and get in the mood.

Hasta la próxima!

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