Hot Tamales!

It’s a fact universally acknowledged, you can’t get good Mexican food north of Texas and east of LA. In New York City last week, we humbly disagree. Here’s our short list of the city’s top tacos, tostados, tamales, salsa and more. Did we miss a favourite? Email us.

These days the trendy new late night dish in New York is the lowly taco. You can try the short-rib-pastrami version at Empellón Cocina in the East Village. The more classic corn-masa variety can be found at Otto’s Tacos on second Avenue also in the East Village. For tamales, try Mesa Coyoacan in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Named for the chef’s old neighbourhood in Mexico City, the menu includes a trio of tamales: Oaxaca (chicken and mole), Chapas (pork, fruit and nuts) and Veracruz (tilapia and guajillo salsa). And then there’s New York’s branch of Mercadito at 179 Avenue B. In keeping with the name, portions are designed to be small. Instead of huge platters filed with rice and beans, you get satisfying portions of small tacos and tostados. Try the scrumptious guacamole, made with a touch of orange or mango. Buen provecho!

Hasta la próxima!

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