Company News

  • Industrial Nanotech of the US, producer of nanotechnology based energy saving solutions, gets order from PEMEX for two thermal insulation products for pipeline.
  • Mexico’s Evya SA, oil services contractor to PEMEX, reportedly is involved in fraudulent loans linked to Citigroup of the US, for total about US $30 million.
  • Harmonic of the US, maker of video delivery infrastructure, says Mexico’s Megacable has deployed a Harmonic integrated headend solution to power cable TV services.
  • CG Technology of the US will provide sports book technologies to Mexico’s Logrand casino operator, including wagering, account management and wallet functions.
  • Canada’s Las Vegas From Home online gaming firm to offer its latest mobile gaming platform to subscribers of Mexico’s Mondia Media’s digital distribution network.
  • Invoiceware International of the US extends Latin America Cloud Services to manage Mexico’s processes for CFDI certification of payroll receipts.
  • Mexico’s auto industry assembled 774,731 light vehicles in the first quarter, up 6.5% from 727,571 made in the first three months of 2013, industry association AMIA says.
Hasta la próxima!

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