Hot Tamales!

We ran across this letter in The Guardian:

Dear Mexican, I’m a Brit who’s travelling to New Mexico and Texas this summer. We love our Tex-Mex in England – all that chilli and yellow cheese! So where can I get the good stuff?

Gustavo Arellano, editor of California’s OC Weekly,offered a witty Tex-Mex primer: “You’re not going to find much chilli and yellow cheese in New Mexico (or even in Texas  the two states have about as much in common as Doctor Who and Star Wars),” writes Arellano, noting that  New Mexico is most famous for its hatch chillies: fleshy peppers that the locals either eat whole, or grill and put inside cheeseburgers. “New Mexico’s Mexican food is unique because it dates back to the days of the Spanish conquistadors, back when you Brits were still eating each other at Jamestown,” adds the acerbic columnist. As for Texas, that “unwieldy country of countries with edible brimstone (salsa) the sole unifier”, the natives in San Antonio apparently like their tacos puffy, while South Texas is famous for its barbacoa (a slow-roasted cow’s head) and cabrito (slow-roasted kid  as in the goat, not a small child). Texas also is the land of nachos.

From Arellano’s mouth to yours. Happy trails and good eating! You can read Arellano’s syndicated column  at where he’ll answer any and all questions about “America’s spiciest and largest minority.”

Hasta la próxima!

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