After Hours

  • Mother-in-law troubles look to be brewing for singer Paulina Rubio and boyfriend Gerardo Bazúa. The couple met last year on the talent show The Voice Mexico where Rubio coached the married (did we mention the two kids?) wannabe singer. They’ve been together ever since, but Bazúa’s mother is none-too-pleased. At least that’s what some Mexican magazines are claiming. Indignant Bazúa is fuming on Twitter; “Tv y Novelas y Tv Notas y Más son una mierda de revistas.” Temper, temper.
  • Following in the footsteps of Perez Hilton, After Hours feels obliged to mention at least 1 (or 2!) pregnant pop stars.  Mexican hit makers OV7 took to the stage in Monterrey this week with two of the five members showing off baby bellies. Congratulations to Mariana Ochoa and Lidia Ávila,at six and seven months respectively and still performing – You go, Girl(s)!
Hasta la próxima!

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