Hot Tamales!

  • One of the best things to happen to the New York food scene in the past decade has been the “Great Food Truck Renaissance.” The city is crowded with mobile eateries, many serving quality Latin cuisine, including Mexican.  Calexico is this week’s choice. It was launched by three brothers from Calexico, a hardscrabble California border town with a long history of Cal-Mex cooking. In 2006, the brothers took their abuela’s recipes to the streets – literally. They opened a taco cart that soon won them a Vendy award for best street food in the city. You can now find Calexico trucks in eight locations around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Come hungry: the trucks offer hefty burritos and tacos stuffed with carne asado or grilled hanger steak and avocado sauce. Burritos are packed with pinto or refried beans, cheese (never processed!) and Calexico’s signature chipotle “crack” sauce. The tacos are built on doubled soft corn tortillas; a crucial detail for aficionados. Prices are reasonable and servings large. You might find a mid-afternoon siesta the perfect desert.
Hasta la próxima!

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