Company News

  • US learning management systems leader Gyrus Systems and Mexican training solutions firm PGIOVAS agree pact for sale of Gyrus Systems software in Mexico. Link
  • Switzerland’s Emmi acquires 50% stake in Mexideli 2000 Holding Mexican cheese importer to diversify global customer base away from Euro area; terms not disclosed. Link
  • Hungary’s Gideon Richter agrees to acquire its Mexican marketing partner DNA Pharmaceuticals to establish direct marketing of Richter products in Mexico. Link
  • Mexico’s Fernando Chico Pardo acquires 49% of worldwide marine and rail terminal operator SSA Marine of the US from a Goldman Sachs private equity fund. Link
  • Slim’s Sinca Imbursa private equity fund sells 27.5% stake in pharmaceuticals firm Landsteiner Scientific to Landsteiner majority owner fund Imagina tu Crecimiento. Link
Hasta la próxima!

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