Holiday Season is here… But don’t forget about Bootcamps!

By Pamela Hernández

Holiday season is already here. As long as you find yourself in a western country you’ll see it from floor to ceiling everywhere and Mexico (being one of the most Catholic countries on earth) wouldn’t be the exception, so “las posadas” have unofficially begun. We complement such a party by breaking up a sculpture of paperboard or clay full of candies and fruits, called “la Piñata “. But with the holidays here, parties and delicious food, it isn’t surprising that in January people go back to the gym…, then during spring break and summer all girls go back to Bootcamps to better fit into their bikinis and enjoy the sun without guilt.

But there is more than one kind of Bootcamp out there! I was surprised by that when last Friday I met Ury Sarabia, a Mexican electronic engineer passionate about entrepreneurship and the business models for startups. Ury started his journey as an expert in such subjects when he went down to Chile and worked there with institutions such as CORFO and Start Up Chile, among others. Later, he met his business partner in New York, where they officially started their own company, Startup Essentials, which is now developing in Mexico a series of events with different dynamics according to different objectives. My favorites so far:

Start Up Essentials Bootcamp: A 3-day event where a micro high tech ecosystem is simulated and the entrepreneurs go from a virtual investment world to starting their own businesses in the real one. The two main premises the model is based on are:

  • Eight out of 10 startups fail; they want to reduce the number.
  • Don’t work on a business idea; work on problems and solutions for your customers.

FuckUp Nights: In FuckUp Nights, they create a forum to talk about local companies’ failures, the aim being to take advantage of someone else’s experience, who has faced a rough path and even bankruptcy. The idea is that lessons from others’ failures can lead entrepreneurs to take better decisions on their own.

Between the two, check out Lean Start Ups LATAM, a Facebook forum to share ideas and interact with some other Latin American entrepreneurs.

So don’t leave your trip to Bootcamp waiting until spring or summer…!

This post was first published by Pamela Hernández at Emprendedores e Industrias creativas.

Hasta la próxima!


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