From: Día de Muertos & La Piñata… To: HQ Creative Content

By Pamela Hernández

I was 8 years old when my favorite Mexican festivity used to be las posadas, if you’re not Mexican or descendent of a Hispanic culture, you might be asking what it is? If it’s the case, let me explain you… Las posadas starts exactly nine days before Christmas eve, that would be in December 16th to the 24th, Las posadas are the result of a catholic evangelization strategy due to the Mesoamerican indigenous people who used to celebrate the birth date of Huitzilopochtli, god of war of the mexica culture. However, las posadas, succeed in their goal of evangelization of Christmas meaning and it has its own Mexican way of celebration which is attach to another Mexican tradition, such as La piñata, where each day you get to break a sculpture made out of clay or paper.

Never the less, that happened when I was a little girl, nowadays the Mexican tradition of Día de Muertos, has become more interesting to my eyes, this tradition has its origin in the Mesoamerican culture as well. It’s celebrate in November 2nd each year, for over three thousand years now (according to historical records). This tradition honorees the life and the heritage of those who have passed away, however, the Mexican writer and Nobel Prize winner, Octavio Paz, explained in its awarded work “El laberinto de la soledad”, how the Mexican culture celebrates dead, and through a millenary tradition we celebrate those who passed away and how our culture makes a colorful party out of it, in compare with other cultures around the world that has a “dark” or “evil” approach to death.

However, things have changed a bit too much around here, Mexico became global since 1994 with the NAFTA, therefore the technology and knowledge transfer start to change the way we used to do business and it has been evolving within the last 20 years… From using business models and studying business theory to more complex dynamics where the transfer of technology started to change production processes, supply chain distributors and new techniques. So just to have an idea how much these have change not only our daily lives but our traditions let me tell you what Día de Muertos and La Piñata means to me today.

Día de Muertos, means one of the three animated movies which production process takes place in Jalisco (I’d like to mention that in Mexico there are currently only five 3D animated movies in production process… Where three out of five are made in our state), such a great movie would show in a digital era how Mexican celebrates this ancient tradition and it’ll happen through a digital platform, this platform might allow to reach and connect with an international audience. Which was The Walt Disney Company’s target once, when the local company Metacube (headquartered in the university ITESM, campus Guadalajara) faced a legal battle for the legal rights of a brand named “Día de Muertos”¸ such a battle couldn’t be better supported by the Mexicans living both sides of the border by questioning how an American company were supposed to do a movie of a theme they do not understand at all and only for commercial purposes? The discussion reaches the #TrendingTopics in social networks such as Twitter.

On the other hand the concept of La Piñata has changed for me as well, by meeting Mr. Steven Leof last week in a CANIETI Occidente series of events, the current Director of 321 Market and high level executive at Softtek Europe, who share with me its entrepreneurial idea of launching a digital magazine to let the business men of high tech industries know what’s happening in Mexico and why making business in Mexico has become a better option than some other countries such as the eastern Europeans or the BRIC countries. La Piñata shares news, opinions of the experts and creates a diffusion and discussion forum for those interested in the high tech Industries and the link that UK can do with Mexico in a business level.

This post was first published by Pamela Hernández at Emprendedores e Industrias creativas.

Hasta la próxima!


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